The Hidden Value of Remodeling

A kitchen remodel is more than the (literal) sum of its parts. Without a kitchen, a house is not a home. From casual snacking around the center island to full-fledged holiday cooking, the kitchen serves as more than simply a place to prepare food: it is a thriving social center and communal gathering place. A kitchen remodel is therefore equivalent to the opening of a major new restaurant or hot spot in a city in terms of its value on a home. The remodel provides excitement, interest, and the promise of many memorable times in the future. It can transform an otherwise lackluster home into a very hot piece of real estate. So what are the specific three ways a kitchen remodel impacts the value of your home?


Although it is difficult to quantify, a beautifully outfitted kitchen adds enormous aesthetic value to a home, especially if the kitchen contractor has opened up the kitchen to make it visible from other parts of the house. Materials such as frosted glass or lighter, more reflective panelling can create a visual urgency and intrigue that will dazzle guests and potential buyers alike. The sweep of a marble countertop or the gleam of a brushed nickel refrigerator door hints at an underlying sophistication that will carry over to the rest of the house. Generally speaking, the finer the materials used in the remodel, the higher the listing price. An elegant looking kitchen inspires a feeling of purpose and belonging, intangibles that ultimately are of enormous value in any real estate transaction.

Energy Efficiency

From more efficient dishwashers to overhead LED bulbs to refrigerators with tight seals and automatic temperature regulation, a newly remodeled kitchen can be an enormous energy saver. Home owners who are interested in designing a radically energy efficient kitchen should vet any kitchen remodeling contractor as to their knowledge of energy efficient materials and the best practices for transport and installation. Insulation isn’t just for walls and windows: appliances need to boast a quality design that enables them to perform their particular function without using any more electricity or gas than necessary. By changing out faulty burners, aging refrigerators and other inefficient appliances, a home owner increases the overall efficiency and appeal of their home. In a tight market, an efficient kitchen will always appeal to savvy buyers.

Storage Space

While adding drawers and cupboards may not seem like that much of an improvement, a kitchen with ample storage space creates a sumptuous and altogether more desirable home than a cramped, blocked-in space. Kitchen remodels function as a kind of highly visible demonstration of an owner’s organizational sense. A kitchen with adorned with a brass hanging rack for pots and pans creates a homey yet elegant feel. An appraiser will also appreciate the fact that the kitchen can just as easily host intimate family meals as bustling mutli-course events. While storage space may seem minor, adding a series of stylish overhead cabinets to an otherwise blank ceiling or wall can be the difference between an average kitchen and a knockout space.

The best way to approach a kitchen remodel is not to overthink it, but rather try envisioning what materials, spacing requirements, and overall impression the kitchen should have. While the details of any remodel require attention, the initial process should allow the home owner to embrace the thrill of dreaming out loud. Without passion and enthusiasm, a kitchen remodel will merely become another chore, even it ultimately results in a lucrative upgrade.

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