Six Rules for a Bathroom That Never Goes Out of Style

Today’s home renovation trends can become tomorrow’s outdated embarrassments. Here are a few steps to designing a bathroom that looks fresh and modern but will withstand the test of time.

There are so many bathroom trends out there, from custom features to sleep vanities to oversized tubs. Some of these are bound to go out of style. Their stylishness will not outlast the useful life of your bathroom fixtures, leaving you with an outdated bathroom that needs remodeled yet again.

Many homeowners believe that timeless features are plain and without style. This is not true. You do not have to choose between style and staying power. Simply follow these six rules when planning your next bathroom remodel

1. Natural materials are timeless.

Marble, limestone, and other natural stone may not be cheap, but they will last decades with reasonable care and look as luxurious at the end of their lifespan as they do today.

2. Historic accents remain classic forever.

If you want to infuse your bathroom with interesting features, claw-footed tubs, moldings, pedestal sinks, and other historic accents add visual interest and charm without being trendy.

3. Cool colors look clean and calming.

If you decide to remodel using color, select colors that are cool and calming. These have been used in bathrooms for decades. Consider gray, pale blue, and similar hues.

4. Choose white fixtures.

White bathrooms never go out of style. They look clean, fresh, and classic. This does not mean you need to design an all-white bathroom, but choosing tubs, toilets, and sinks that are white will ensure you aren’t replacing them in a few years.

5. Stained wood never goes out of style.

Stained wood is a timeless choice that looked just as good fifty years ago as it does today. While the stylish color of stain may change occasionally, it is easy and inexpensive to refinish solid wood. If you wish to keep your vanity for a lifetime, choose a solid wood one that can be modified according to the home décor fashion of the day.

6. Go trendy with paint, accessories, and other replaceable accents.

It’s fine to infuse your bathroom with trendy colors and accents; just make sure they are temporary, easily replaced accents. Towels, paint, curtains, and similar accents can keep you on-trend and be traded out as the style of the day demands it.

If you are considering a bathroom remodel and want a more timeless look, talk to your contractor. Professionals have seen enough bathrooms to know what elements will withstand the test of time.

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