Bathroom Lighting: A Small Detail That Makes a Huge Difference

While it seems like a small detail, the lighting that you choose for your bathroom will make or break your bathroom remodel.

When people are remodeling a bathroom, a great deal of attention is paid to fine details. Sink fixtures, drawer pulls, and other little decisions can add or subtract from the functionality and aesthetics of a room. However, there is one detail that often goes neglected in a bathroom remodeling job: lighting. It is important to consider the amount of light needed in different spaces, and how this light affects the mood of a space.

More or less light?

Dark or dim lights can make a room look dark and foreboding, or even dirty and dingy. On the other hand, some bathrooms have lighting that so bright and fluorescent that it’s almost clinical. A happy medium must be achieved, and this happy medium will depend on your unique space as well as the amount of natural light your bathroom has.

Bathrooms actually need less light that they tend to have, as long as these lights are placed correctly. Here are a few tips for lighting your bathroom so it is functional without making it feel like a doctor’s office.

1. Go understated with overhead lighting.

Light is required for a functional bathroom. People need to see themselves in the mirror and as they perform different tasks. In addition, lighting that is too dim will create deep shadows in the shower and around fixtures that give a horror movie feeling to the room. However, overhead lighting should be understated. Instead of flooding the room with bright light, choose a warm, low light overhead and then add more lighting where needed.

2. Consider the natural light.

If your bathroom doesn’t have windows or other sources of natural light, skip this paragraph. However, if there is natural light then you will need even less overhead light. Consider where the natural light is coming from; this area will not need as much lighting as the rest of the room.

3. Light key areas individually… but not excessively.

You will probably need lighting around your mirror. Using only overhead lighting in this area creates shadows on your face that make it hard to shave and apply makeup. However, it is important to use warm lights here. No one needs to see every pore on their face; in addition, direct, harsh lighting can lend yellow or green tones to your skin that are unpleasant.

If your bathroom is large, individual lighting should not stop at the vanity. Consider adding a light above your shower. If you have a bathroom closet or storage area, additional lighting there can also be helpful. Light spaces individually as needed rather than flooding the area. Give the room a pleasant baseline of light and then add lighting where more is needed.

Attention to this detail will make your bathroom more functional and more pleasant at the same time. And, after all, isn’t that the point of a bathroom remodel?

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