5 Tips for Getting a Custom Bathroom for Less

Everyone planning a bathroom remodel wants a deluxe custom look, but the price tag of these endeavors can be high. However, there are ways to get the classy custom look you want at a bargain.

Designing a luxury bathroom on a budget requires looking at what makes a bathroom have that custom feeling. We can all think of bathrooms lined with marble or slate that look amazing, but you can also find bathrooms that have a similar look with less expensive materials. Ultimately, there are a few features that make a bathroom feel custom: unique details, a tied together look, and a calming ambiance.

How can you get these features without spending a small fortune? Consider the following elements.

1. Curbless Showers

Curbless showers add a custom look. They are modern, sleek, and highly functional. In addition, if you use glass doors, curbless showers can make your bathroom appear larger and brighter. There is really no downside. In many bathrooms, adding a curbless shower has a similar cost to adding any other kind, so this is a budget-friendly way to get the look you want.

2. Furniture-style Vanities

Let’s be honest: standard vanities are boring. Floating vanities and other new features add a custom look but they are incredibly expensive in most cases. Furniture style vanities are usually priced in a more reasonable range but add the same custom look. There are a variety of styles, so you are likely to find one in your price range that works well with your desired aesthetic.

3. Custom Sinks

Sinks are another element that is boring in a traditional bathroom but stylish in custom ones. They are also a feature that every person using you bathroom will be using – at least should be using. Custom sinks may cost a little more, but they will be a memorable element that gives your bathroom a luxury feeling. Some custom sinks, such as vessel sinks, are different enough from the standard that you will be getting compliments for years to come.

4. Finished Details

One salient aspect of custom bathrooms is their finished look and attention to detail. From the framing around the mirror to the fixtures, every detail has been planned to make the whole picture more attractive. You can achieve this same effect in your own bathroom remodeling job by selecting fixtures, lighting, and other often neglected elements carefully. It may cost a little more to get a nicer faucet, but the

5. Simplicity

One defining feature of most custom bathrooms is that they are simple, uncluttered, and have features that stand on their own. If you want a custom feeling, keep it simple.

Are you trying to design a custom bathroom without an unlimited budget? Talk to an experienced contractor today.

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