Plumbing, Heating, and Water Pressure: Oh My!


Most people think of bathroom remodeling as an opportunity to upgrade their fixtures and create a more aesthetically pleasing space. While this is certainly the case, there are also a few less interesting details that are upgraded in a bathroom remodel as well.
Many people do not realize that the plumbing and other minutiae in their bathroom has a limited lifespan. Take, for instance, your plumbing. Many homes are built using the cheapest possible plumbing materials, so your pipes may be on their last legs. If these pipes begin to burst or leak, the aftermath can be extensive. Water may damage your flooring, subflooring, and even your foundation. Some of this water is not just water but sewage, which presents a health risk.
A bathroom remodel will already rip up some of the features in your bathroom. You can save money in the long run by taking this opportunity to make a few needed repairs and upgrades. The following upgrades are not as aesthetically pleasing as a new sunken bathroom, but they can have an even greater effect on your bathroom and your life.

1. Upgraded Pipes

Your pipes take a lot of wear and tear. When they stop holding water in, it can be a huge trial. Ask your contractor whether some plumbing upgrades can save you a lot of pain later.

2. Ventilation

Bathrooms are inherently moist rooms due to showers and other sources of water. This can damage your home in ways you can’t even initially see, such as damaging drywall, and even be a health risk. If your area is prone to certain types of mold, consider adding more ventilation and using mold-resistant materials.

3. Water Saving

Green living is more than a fad; it’s a major consideration in home remodeling and design. Even if you are not a tree hugger, adding water saving features can take a huge chunk out of your utility bill. Specialized faucets, low flush toilets, and eco friendly showerheads make saving water as painless as possible.

4. Increasing Heat

Getting out of a hot shower into a cold room is a goosebumps-raising experience. Bathrooms generally need to be kept a bit warmer than other rooms because most people use them in states of undress. Adding a heating source not only will make you more comfortable, but it will dry moisture and reduce mold growth. There are many options, from an overhead heating lamp to radiant heating under the floor.
A bathroom remodel is not just about aesthetics, but about function as well. Talk to your bathroom contractor about what upgrades you should be considering.