Planning the Perfect Bathroom Layout


Bathrooms are often the smallest rooms in the house, but that doesn’t mean they have to be claustrophic, unattractive, or difficult to use. Choosing a more efficient layout can make all the difference.
If your bathroom seems cramped to the point of being difficult to use, the layout is probably the problem. A bathroom only truly needs four fixtures: a sink, a storage area, a toilet, and a place to bathe. However, when these features are not placed well, it can be difficult to use any of them. Many homeowners with a poorly planned bathroom assume they would need to add more space to make their washrooms usable. However, a simple remodeling job can make all the difference.
Here are a few basic considerations in bathroom layout and design.

  • Straight aisles for movement. Having to step and weave around a room makes it appear more cramped than it actually is. In addition, disrupting a line of sight will make your bathroom feel more cluttered.
  • Tucked away storage. You may need to get creative if the room is very small, but anything is better than having goods on shelves or counters. Towels and toothbrushes are exposed to dust and airborne germs while also cluttering up the space if they aren’t in a closet or drawer.
  • Toilet hidden from view as much as possible. While everyone locks bathroom doors, or at least should, people forget. Placing the vanity between the toilet and the door can give more of a feeling of privacy. Putting the toilet in its own closet can also achieve this end.
  • Room to completely open doors. Can your bathroom doors all be opened even with a person in the room? This includes not just the door allowing entrance to the room, but closet and shower doors as well.
  • Separate wet and dry floor space. Stepping on water in a bathroom is never a pleasant experience, especially when this water is near a toilet and thus of questionable origin.
  • Features that are the right scale. There are many size options in vanities, toilets, and other features. Sometimes people can choose slightly smaller features and open up a great deal of space without a noticeable change in function.
  • Natural light. Whether from a window or a skylight, natural light makes a space feel more open.

These simple changes can make a huge difference in how your bathroom is perceived as well as how easy it is to function in the room. If you have any questions about how your own bathroom can be remodeled to feel more spacious, talk to an experienced bathroom contractor.