Choosing the Perfect Bathtub


Are you entering your bathroom remodel with dreams of soaking in a sparkling new tub? Here are a few ways to choose the bathtub that is perfect for your bathroom and your lifestyle.
When most people dream of a remodeled bathroom, they dream of a new, bigger, more functional tub. However, there are several considerations choosing a bathtub and bigger might not be better. Here are issues to consider when choosing a bathtub.

1. Size Matters

A larger tub is generally more comfortable for soaking in, but your bathroom may not be made to accommodate it. Just because you can fit a specific tub doesn’t mean that you should. A tub that is too large or the wrong dimensions can make your bathroom feel crowded and out of balance. Try taping off the area that the bathtub will occupy to see how the space will balance. If it just won’t work, consider a smaller tub or one with a different shape. Corner tubs are a popular solution to space issues.

2. To Shower or Not to Shower

Because of time limitations, many people shower rather than taking a bath in the morning. A shower is a necessary part of a bathroom for most people. However, not all bathtubs can accommodate a shower. When buying a bathtub, consider whether it will work well with a shower and whether you have space for a separate shower elsewhere in the room.

3. Choose a Style

There are probably more styles of bathtub than you can imagine. Recessed bathtubs are set back into the room so they are surrounded by wall on three sides. Corner bathtubs allow you to fit a larger tub in a smaller space. There are also freestanding bathtubs, which are popular if you are going for a vintage look. Talk to a contractor if any of these less common options appeals to you.

4. Consider Logistics

There is more than just space and style to be considered in adding or replacing a bathtub. If you are choosing a larger tub, you may need a new water heater. Not all water heaters can make enough hot water to fill modern large tubs. The floors underneath a new and larger bathtub may need reinforcements as well, as water is heavy. Working with an experienced contractor will allow you to consider every aspect of your potential choice in bathtubs.
Your investment in planning will pay off in a functional and enjoyable bathtub that adds to your daily enjoyment while also increasing the value and sale-ability of your home. If you are considering a new bathtub, consult with a bathroom remodeling contractor today.